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Business English Lessons

Taylingual™ is passionate about helping international Business professionals learn English. 

We believe in… Advancing careers one English lesson at a time.

Pay As You Go Business English Lessons

pay as you go services“Pay as you Go” sessions allow international Business professionals to purchase one-off classes when needed, with the aim of touching up their Business English before giving an interview or a lecture, or preparing for a conference or a presentation. The “Pay As You Go” session cost is $100 per hour.

Business English Professional Courses

Business Professional Services“Business English Professional Courses are 4-week, 8-week, or 12-week courses that start with a consultation to review your current English language skills and requirements.  We then design lessons to cater to your specific needs.  We also offer a course for preparing to give an oral presentation.

Business English Presentation Skills Course

The Business English Presentation Skills Course is offered for either 1 or 2 weeks, every day for 2 hours. Depending on your level of English and your requirements, Taylingual helps you prepare for your Business presentation by helping you write, practice delivery, and prepare you for Q&A until you feel confident and ready to present.


​“Taylingual’s lessons were the foundation of my language skills. The lessons were the perfect environment for me to learn the practical language skills for use in Business.“
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Kazunari S.

​“It was a fantastic experience. Taylingual is a special tutoring company with very qualified teachers. Thanks to them I have learned so much. Glad to have met them and studied Business English there.​”
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Roberta A.

​​“Judy is an amazing English teacher; she is very accurate, sensing your level and specific needs. Taylingual’s classes helped me a lot to improve my communication and advance my career!!
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Patricia G.

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