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Taylingual is passionate about helping international Business professionals learn English.


We believe in… Advancing careers one English lesson at a time.


It may be challenging for you, as non-English speaking professionals, to communicate well with your international clients and colleagues. Private tutoring, in-person or on Zoom, is an excellent way to improve your Business English language skills to enable you to communicate effectively with international colleagues, clients, friends, and potential employers. Together, let us help you master the art of speaking  Business English so you can read, write, and speak better to improve your job prospects, and  advance your career.


Mastering Business English is a must for your international career if you want to make more successful Business deals, increase your company’s revenues, and  expand your global reach for new Business.


Business English Lessons with a private tutor, in-person or on Zoom, have more benefits than attending a class with people from all over the world with varying degrees of fluency.  Read about the benefits of working with a private tutor here.


Courses Designed for Your Individual Requirements

Rated 5 stars on Google, Taylingual has options so you can choose the learning path that is appropriate for you.  We offer four-, eight-, and twelve-week Business English courses for those who want to master Business English, and dedicate themselves to advancing their skills. We also have our Pay as You Go Classes if you require immediate attention.

Taylingual also offers a class specifically geared to mastering presentation skills in a business or educational setting.  You can learn more about our presentation skills class here.

​“It was a fantastic experience. Taylingual is a special tutoring company with very qualified teachers. Thanks to them I have learned somuch. Glad to have met them and studied Business English there.​”
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Roberta. A.
ItalyBusiness English Lessons for Italian Speakers

​“I had a wonderful experience at Taylingual. They were very friendly and patient. They were able to identify my language weaknesses and Business English problems quickly. and helped me to improve in a very short time. Besides this, my tutor had a great sense of humor that made every lesson so interesting that I couldn’t wait for my next one!!!! As a student it is so rare when you can learn so much and bond with your teacher at the same time. I would recommend Taylingual to everyone who is aiming to be fluent in Business English.”
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Samar. L.
Doctor of Pharmacology, Tunisia

​“The option of a private class is the best choice for me. This kind of setting lets me fully focus. The teachers are able to point out my mistakes and work on them. I can always bring to their attention what I would like to improve on in grammar or speech, and they have amazing skills to explain everything to me in a very clear way.”
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Kate. T.
Business English Lessons for Polish Speakers

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