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Business English Lessons

Taylingual™ is passionate about helping international Business professionals improve their English.


Taylingual advances careers, increases incomes, and creates global job opportunities by improving your Business English skills



Are you missing out on earning at least $15,000 or more a year and on international business opportunities that offer amazing benefits?  If you are a non-native English speaker and your English skills are not rated as “very good,” you are probably not earning as much as you could be nor being offered better jobs because of your lack of qualifications.

Research shows there is a link between better Business English communication skills and higher incomes. Isn’t it worth investing 10%-15% of the value of your potential income to improve your English skills?

What you need is current, interactive, industry-specific Business English coaching to help with specific situations at work that you experience every day like our actual clients, like doctors with patients, teachers with students, and managers with employees.

Taylingual focus ONLY on one-to-one teaching to ensure you’re getting the level of support you need and that the content of the teaching EXACTLY MATCHES what you need to learn. Your goal is to improve your Business English, so you increase your income, get a promotion, and advance your career. My goal is to help you get there.

Pay As You Go Business English Lessons

pay as you go services“Pay as you Go” sessions allow international Business professionals to purchase one-off classes when needed, with the aim of touching up their Business English before giving an interview or a lecture, or preparing for a conference or a presentation. The “Pay As You Go” session cost is $100 per hour.

Business English Professional Courses

Business Professional Services“Business English Professional Courses are 4-week, 8-week, or 12-week courses that start with a consultation to review your current English language skills and requirements.  We then design lessons to cater to your specific needs.  We also offer a course for preparing to give an oral presentation.

Business English Presentation Skills Course

The Business English Presentation Skills Course is offered for either 1 or 2 weeks, every day for 2 hours. Depending on your level of English and your requirements, Taylingual helps you prepare for your Business presentation by helping you write, practice delivery, and prepare you for Q&A until you feel confident and ready to present.


“Taylingual’s lessons were the foundation of my language skills. The lessons were the perfect environment for me to learn the practical language skills for use in Business.“
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Kazunari S.

“It was a fantastic experience. Taylingual is a special tutoring company with very qualified teachers. Thanks to them I have learned so much. Glad to have met them and studied Business English there.​”
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Roberta A.

​​“Judy is an amazing English teacher; she is very accurate, sensing your level and specific needs. Taylingual’s classes helped me a lot to improve my communication and advance my career!!
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Patricia G.

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