​”Taylingual’s Buiness Communications courses are the foundations of my language skills. Their Business English courses have helped me pivot my career from a domestic consulting job in Japan to a global investor for both private and public equity, increasing my remuneration to the level that allows me to live in  Central London with my partner and children. I truly appreciate Taylingual’s customized approach to each client in a caring manner.”


Kazunari S.

​“It was a fantastic experience. Taking Business Communication courses at Taylingual has made me more sought after in my career. Being more proficient in Business English has enabled me to apply for more international jobs with higher salaries. Thanks to them I have gained so much. I am glad to have studied Business English at Taylingual.​”

Roberta A.

​​“Judy is an amazing Business English coach; she is very methodical in her approach, sensing your level and specific needs. Taylingual’s Business Communication coaching has helped me to advance my career and increase my salary!! I fully recommend them!”

Patricia G.

​“If you are willing to learn English with real native English speakers, Taylingual is the place to do it. They have a wide range of knowledge with an encouraging and respectful teaching method. I enjoyed taking the classes there and learning English.”

Eri S.
Financial Assistant, Japan

​“The option of a private class is the best choice for me. This kind of setting lets me fully focus. The teachers are able to point out my mistakes and work on them. I can always bring to their attention what I would like to improve on in grammar or speech, and they have amazing skills to explain everything to me in a very clear way.”

Kate. T.

​“I had a wonderful experience at Taylingual. They were very friendly and patient. They were able to identify my language weaknesses and Business English problems quickly and helped me to improve in a very short time. Besides this, my coach had a great sense of humor that made every lesson so interesting that I couldn’t wait for my next one!!!! As a client, it is so rare when you can learn so much and bond with your coach at the same time. I would recommend Taylingual to everyone who is aiming to be fluent in Business English.”

Samar L.
Doctor of Pharmacology, Tunisia

​“I’m a language teacher and I have been teaching in an international school for many years. When I started at Taylingual, I was very frustrated because I didn’t feel confident enough in English and I needed conversation lessons. Thanks to the teachers at Taylingual, I have improved my English speaking, and as an online student I have found Taylingual to have very professional and effective teachers, they are patient, dynamic, and inspiring.”

“I have learned a lot by practicing speaking, grammar, and vocabulary and I now recognize when to correct mistakes. I really enjoyed the interesting conversations through a diverse range of topics in a friendly atmosphere.”

“Taylingual has allowed me to overcome my learning difficulties and made me feel much more confident when speaking English.”

Anna. B.

​“I was always afraid to speak in English. Perhaps I had convinced myself the only phrases I really knew were: ‘I don’t know English very well’ or ‘I’m scared to even try.’ But this feeling has now changed. I decided to spend my vacation in New York and looked for a Business English Coach. It was a pleasant surprise to find Taylingual. They have well prepared and engaging teachers. The time spent with them helped me develop a new set of skills, which have given me the encouragement I needed to keep seeking improvement for my personal and professional life.​”

Basilia R.

​“I am a professor of criminal law in Italy. Since October 2014, I have been teaching ‘International and Transnational Criminal Law’, i.e. a course of criminal law offered to the students in English. Now I can do it, but when I started at Taylingual, it was July 2014, I could not speak English at all, I was completely frustrated and I never could have imagined that I could have done what I am doing now. All this is simply due to the work done together with the coaches at Taylingual. One of the defining factors of their teaching is for sure the energy that they give to their clients. They are able to transform a simple English course into a real intensive course, giving it the power to become very effective. High linguistic preparation, dynamism, flexible methodology of teaching, extraordinary ability to understand clients and to deal with their needs using the best methods, and last, but not least, a timely helpful sense of humor, are the main ingredients of a recipe that works, and works very well, to be honest. That’s why I was impressed and why I am totally grateful to Taylingual.”

Rocco A.
Professor of Criminal Law, Italy

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