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A Strong Desire to Advance Her Career

Client Background: Patricia is a non-native English-speaking radiologist, specializing in breast imaging and procedures, working in a hospital clinic in Venezuela, who had a strong desire to advance her career…

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English For Business Communication Courses

Who are these courses for?

This course is for non-native English-speaking executives who want to improve their overall Business English skills. There are three courses, based on your current skill level and the amount of time you are able to commit to lessons.  Course 1 is a 4-week course, course 2 is 8 weeks, and we offer course 3 as a 12-week program.

The courses cover:

Effective Business Emails and Correspondence:

  • Structure and etiquette for writing professional emails

  • Common phrases and vocabulary for business communication via email

Phone Etiquette and Conversation Skills:

  • Answering calls professionally.

  • Holding effective phone conversations, including taking messages and transferring calls.

Business Meetings and Discussions:

  • Vocabulary and phrases for leading and participating in meetings

  • Strategies for effective communication in group discussions

Negotiation and Persuasion Skills:

  • Language techniques for negotiating deals and agreements

  • Persuasion strategies for convincing clients or colleagues

Networking and Small Talk:

  • Building rapport and making connections in a business setting

  • Engaging in small talk at conferences, events, and social gatherings

Business Vocabulary Expansion:

  • Learning industry-specific terminology and jargon

  • Building a specialized business vocabulary

Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy:

  • Techniques for resolving conflicts professionally

  • Diplomatic language to handle sensitive situations



Course One

Course One for international Business Executives is a 4-week course, 3 times a week for 1 hour.  We offer this course to prepare you to communicate confidently and clearly with your colleagues and peers in a professional Business setting. Course 1 is an intensive course, and you will focus on how to improve your communication skills at work. This course gives you plenty of opportunities to practice your conversation skills plus grammar exercises to master your writing skills.

Cost: $1,100

Course Two

Course 2 for International Business Executives is an 8-week course, 3 times a week for 1 hour.  Course 2 includes business role-playing, and job-seeking and interviewing skills with specially designed sessions catered to your language and business needs. The course will focus on, among other things, business writing, business conversation in meetings, and business terminology. This course offers you the time to review your lessons at the end of each week to allow you to revisit any challenging areas.

Cost: $2,100

Course Three

Course 3 for International Business Executives is a 12-week course, 3 times per week for 1 hour. Course 3 goes in-depth with grammar and writing, with plenty of opportunities to practice both. Sessions are designed according to your specific needs. Course 3 offers plenty of opportunities to do language exercises, role-playing replicating real-life work/business situations such as; doctor/patient, lawyer/client, teacher/student, job-seeking opportunities, negotiation practice, and cross-cultural informational sessions.

Cost: $3,100

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