​“Pay As You Go” Business English Lessons

The English language can be confusing. Business English can be intimidating. Do you feel strong enough to speak with American friends and colleagues but not strong enough to speak up in meetings? Do you have an interview or a presentation planned for your American coworkers but afraid that gaps in your knowledge of the English language will cause problems?

With our Pay As You Go Business English Lessons, you can build up your English Language skills and vocabulary.


Touch Up Your Business English with one-off Pay-As-You-Go Classes

When you stand in front of a group of colleagues to give a presentation or in front of students to present a lecture, you want your confidence to come through the words and language you use. At Taylingual, we offer Pay-As-You-Go classes so you can focus on specific parts of English you need.

When you work in a professional or educational setting, language conveys ideas, sways opinions, and shapes minds. Language can inform and inspire. The right language can change your life and the lives of those around you.


From a Refresher in the Basics to Intermediate and Advanced English Language Concepts

Not all language is the same. The words and phrases used in a casual setting might not be right or appropriate in a professional setting. Our Business English Lessons can help you learn the words, phrases, and idioms common in an American office or university.

Building your proficiency in American Business English can help you with the following:

  • Attending Meetings with English Speaking Colleagues
  • Interview for new Opportunities
  • Write and Communicate Presentation in a Business Setting
  • Negotiate
  • Write and Present Lectures to students on Advanced topics in a Training Class, School, or University Setting.
  • Build up your Grammar and Vocabulary Skill to express the confidence you have in yourself and your subject matter
  • Write Reports and Presentations to contribute to business tasks and projects and contribute to your team’s success.


Build Your Confidence

You know your business. Having the business English necessary to communicate effectively will give you a sense of confidence when giving a speech or writing a report.

Contact Taylingual at info@taylingual.com or send us a message on our contact us page to let us know your specific goals. Pay-As-You-Go is a perfect way to boost your knowledge and your confidence.

We offer each client an individually customized quote based on their needs and challenges. Our lessons typically start at $75 per hour and our packages are slightly less. We speak to each and every client first to determine their level and requirements before we discuss the cost of service.

“Pay as you Go” sessions allow international Business professionals to purchase one-off classes when needed, to touch up their Business English before giving an interview or a lecture, or preparing for a conference or a presentation.

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