What’s new in English language learning today? As the fastest-spreading language in human history,  English has come of age as the world’s most common language. Today, nearly 1.75 billion people  speak English, that’s a quarter of the world’s population. And this number is increasing. By 2020,  forecasters estimate that two billion people will be speaking or learning English. How has this affected English-language learning?

ESL students are getting younger and younger!

Parents realize that strong English language skills offer their children better job opportunities in the future. Governments are aware of this and focusing on this:

  • In many countries worldwide, school children are now learning English at  elementary grade levels
  • For the past five years, countries including Saudi Arabia and Vietnam have introduced English for students in grades four and up
  • At the same time, Japan has introduced English learning at the primary level, likewise, young learners in Dubai are learning English in kindergarten

Technology is making learning more versatile!

Demand for foreign language learning has increased dramatically, as a result, teachers are prepared for the needs of 21st century English language learners. Increased technology usage is accelerating at a rapid pace. At the same time, learning on mobile phones, via e-mail and Skype is making learning much easier than before.  Consequently, lessons are more accessible anytime and anywhere in different time zones.

Taylingual Tutoring

Where is Taylingual with all these changes? Taylingual teaches Business English to professionals via all media. The company provides Business English lessons to Business professionals in offices and in homes, via Skype,  email, and online. We offer several packages with different options. We do it all.  Each individual client receives lessons specifically designed for them.  This one-on-one approach works, and our success rate speaks for itself!

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