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Writing well in English is something you learn over time. There are many factors that contribute to well-written English and one of these is the use of transitions. Transitions are words or phrases that connect ideas in sentences to make them flow better. Transitions show how sentences relate to each other and how they connect to the subject matter of the article as a whole.  Transitions help you organize your ideas to make better connections between them. They are the links to your ideas and thoughts.

How do you use transitions effectively?

There are many types of transitions, here are the main ones with examples:

To help emphasize a point: also, in the same way, likewise, similarly, just as
To show an example: for example, namely, to illustrate, specifically
To show examples, support or emphasize: indeed, even, truly, of course
To show agreement, similarity, addition or evidence: additionally, furthermore, moreover, equally important
To show effect, consequence and result: accordingly, consequently, therefore, thus, as a result of this
To show location, space and place: below, beyond, above, in the vicinity of
To compare and contrast items: in contrast, on the contrary, nevertheless, on the one hand…on the other hand, however, in spite of
To show time, chronology or sequence: currently, later, meanwhile, subsequently, earlier, first, second… finally
To clarify: in other words, that is to say, to clarify further
To conclude, summarize or restate: finally, to conclude, to sum up, to reiterate, in the final analysis

Here are some examples of transitions used in a sentence:

To compare and contrast: on the one hand the colors used in the painting were bright and vivid, on the other hand it gave off the impression of a dark, sinister mood
To show consequence and result: he played very aggressively during the match, as a result of this he had to withdraw from the remainder of the competition
To clarify: the teacher told the students to get to school earlier than usual the next day, in other words he told them if they did not get there early they would miss the event
To show time, chronology or sequence: first, make notes for your essay, second, write a draft, and third, bring it all together with a summary

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