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TOEFL Preparation

Teaching English to a standard required to achieve high scores in the TOEFL test.

TOEFL Preparation

Master English with expert teaching, imaginative lessons.

TOEFL Preparation: Our teaching method provides students with an excellent understanding of how to ace each section of the TOEFL test. Our TOFEL preparation methodically prepares students for each section with strategies for form, style and language. We work to help our students instinctively recognize what is needed to achieve high scores.

Passing the difficult TOEFL test requires more than good English – it requires an understanding of what examiners are looking for.  ELCNY’s goal is to prepare students for each section with a formula for how to answer the questions.

Why choose Us

Learn all the strategies to pass the TOEFL test

Basic English GrammarBASICS OF GRAMMAR
Learn or refresh the rules of English grammar, the foundation stones of effective language learning.

Learn Business EnglishBUSINESS ENGLISH
Learn how to communicate in the business world, from writing e-mails, to giving presentations.

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