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Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that students have asked:


How Do I…?


Learn day-to-day English?

You need to practice listening to as much English as you can in different situations. What we would do is role play different situations so you can practice the right way to speak using the correct phrases and vocabulary.

Get around the City?

We take our students out on trips and get them to do things like buying a subway card, asking for directions, interacting with a sales assistant or a cashier and how to order in a restaurant etc.

Talk to the Doctor?

We will practice different scenarios at the doctor’s office to help you explain what you need to tell him or her.

Understand US customs and traditions?

We teach about different US holidays and traditions; what the history behind these traditions are, how people celebrate, what to eat on certain holidays and how the many different ethnic groups each celebrate their own holidays.

Speak to my children’s teachers?

We will help you with speaking to your children’s school and explain how the system works in New York and what you need to do.

Get into a US College?

We can help you start the process of getting into a US college.

Pass the TOEFL?

The TOEFL test is a test that international students need to pass in order to get into a US college. There are four sections to this test and we will help you with the formulas for each section to help you pass this test.

Mingle and have conversation with an American?

There are lots of “ice breakers” (words and expressions you can use when you first meet people you don’t know) we can help you with so you will be able to start conversations with people without worrying.

Help my children with their homework?

We are available to help children with any homework they have.

Fill in official documents?

We write letters, help complete official documents and can make phone calls on your behalf if necessary.

Apply for a job?

Applying for a job can be a long process, but we can help you look online, post an advertisement and write letters.

Write a resume?

One of our services is writing resumes for jobs.

Better understand people on the telephone?

Many international students have a lot of difficulty having conversations over the phone either talking or understanding what the other person is saying. Students will practice using the phone in different situations.

Do well at a job interview?

We practice role-playing interviews for jobs, we review asking and answering questions, talking about your job using the correct technical terms and discussing your strengths and weaknesses.

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